How To Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G – Targeting the Weak Spot to Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G

Want to know how to jailbreak ipod touch 2g? iPod Touch 2G is one of the popular gadget items must have for individuals who revolve their world with highly technological tools and paraphernalia. The device (also called as iTouch) is portable type of media player, personal digital assistant, with hand-held game console, a multi-touch graphical user interface plus a Wi-Fi connection platform designed and marketed by Apple Inc. With such capacities, users may find the equipment entertaining and useful. Unfortunately, with Apple’s continuous system upgrade and development of new iPod Touch products, iPod Touch 2G becomes an old passing fad. But in the contrary with the aid of jailbreak iPod Touch 2G, the device can already compete with the latest designs by creating some internal software manipulations.

Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G upgrades and updates its system through some exploits which is the main starting point of jailbreaking procedures. The exploit being manipulated in iPod Touch 2G is the TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) which is the file format in images storage.  Others are ARM7 Go, usb control msg(0×21, 2) exploit(for new bootrom), and usb control msg(0xA1, 1) exploit which are used in tethered jailbreaking and for untethered jailbreak is 0×24000 segment overflow in IPod Touch MB models.  These exploits are handled by experts like hackers since such processes are too delicate for errors which can lead to jailbreak failure.

The Hacker’s Handmade Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G

There are several jailbreaks that users can enumerate for iPod Touch 2G.  However, each form of jailbreak tool contains certain specifications that can’t be easily applied into any iPod Touch 2G firmwares.

The Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G Steps to Success

Jailbreaking is not an easy task to accomplish especially when user is just a newbie on such idea and procedures are very complex to follow.  From such, to halt those irritating moments of being lost in the middle of jailbreaking procedures, the following are the easy way to succeed in jailbreak iPod Touch 2G:

Step 1: Make a specific folder in your desktop for all downloaded files, the firmware version, iTunes and the tool for jailbreak.

Step 2: Connect your iPod Touch 2G device into the computer.

Step 3: Once a new window opens, click Browse button to start navigating the folder in the desktop then select the firmware downloaded.

Step 4: After firmware verification, click the Next icon to continue the process.

Step 5: On the following window, Install Cydia icon appears, check it including other options you like such as multitasking, verbose boot, wallpaper and etc. Then proceed to the Next button again.

Step 6: Put your iPod Touch 2G in DFU mode by pressing for 3 seconds the power button.  Next the power and home icon for more than 10 seconds in unison and lastly, releasing the power button while still holding on the Home button.

Step 7: In the end, iPod Touch 2G is jailbreaked where it is automatically restarted.

The Super Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G Tool

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