The Best Guide To Jailbreak Ipod Touch 3.1.3

What will happen if you will Jailbreak iPod Touch 3.1.3? If you will grasp the whole idea why iPod users love to jailbreak their gadgets, you will surely find yourself looking for the best guide to Jailbreak iPod Touch 3.1.3. So, if you want to have the best jailbreaking guide to discover the unlocked capabilities of your iPod touch 3.1.3, then this article will help you. Therefore, it is recommended to read this article.

iPods are one of the most adored techie made by Apple Company. In fact, people are dreaming and wishing to own one of these gadgets. Techie lovers surely know the benefits and have enjoyed the pleasure of having an iPod touch 3.1.3. However, if in case you are not fully informed why some people love to jailbreak their iPod touch 3.1.3, then it’s time for you to know the truth.

Why Jailbreak Ipod Touch 3.1.3?

Jailbreaking your iPod touch 3.1.3 will access you to the third party software called Cydia installer. It will enable you to have those admiring apps without purchasing them at the Apple store. You can enhance more the features and even the capabilities of your gadget from wallpapers; apps etc. to make it short it’s like upgrading your iPod touch 3.1.3 into its full capacity. So, who would not love to an upgraded iPod touch 3.1.3?

How To Jailbreak Ipod Touch 3.1.3?

Normally, if you are excited to see and experience the full capacity of your iPod touch 3.1.3, your next question would be “how to jailbreak it?” You have the opportunity of choosing the method to jailbreak your iPod touch 3.1.3. Just simply choose between these two options. However, please take this reminder seriously; you need to be careful with your decision because it will cost your precious gadget if you will choose the wrong method.

Jailbreak Ipod Touch 3.1.3 – Consider This A Breakthrough If You Will Succeed (manually)

This method will not use or accept the aid of any jailbreaking software. It’s just a business between your skills and your poor iPod touch 3.1.3. To be exact, nobody has succeeded this method yet. But, consider it as a breakthrough if you will persist and insist that with your skills it is possible. Just take the consequences that one simple wrong move with your exploration might take the life of your precious gadget. So better choose the safe and hassle free method.

Jailbreak Ipod Touch 3.1.3 – The Safe And Hassle Free Method (automatically)

This method is known to be safe and effective. Thus, it is a hassle free method. Just simply follow these instructions:

  • You need to download the latest available version of iTunes which is the iTunes 9.0.3.
  • Then, download the software that will jailbreak your iPod touch 3.1.3.
  • Then, using iTunes, you need to download iPhone OS 3.1.3 on your iPod touch and install it.
  • Go to these locations in your computer C:\Users\{your windows user name}\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates and copy the IPSW file of iPhone OS 3.1.2 into your desktop.
  • Run the software. Then click the browse option. Point it to iPhone OS 3.1.2 FW that you have copied into the desktop. You need to ensure that your iPod touch is updated to OS 3.1.3.
  • If the software has validated the firmware, Install Cydia, Verbose etc. will be displayed in the options. Don’t forget to choose the Install Cydia and already pawned option through checking them.
  • Turn off iPod touch and connect it into your computer. Click next in the software. It will patch the kernel of your iPhone FW file.
  • Start your iPod touch in the recovery mode. It could be done by pressing the home and the power buttons until the software’s help message will disappear.
  • Then, click the next option. Hold the power button and press the home button without releasing the power button. After that, wait for a few seconds before releasing the power button but not yet the home button. Hold it until the installation of the firmware will start.
  • Just allow the software to complete the process. If the process will be successfully performed, you can now enjoy your jailbroken iPod touch 3.1.3.

So, which is the best one? For sure, you will choose the safe and hassle free method. Just don’t miss to visit: Software To Jailbreak Ipod Touch 3.1.3.

It’s undeniably the best guide to jailbreak your iPod touch 3.1.3. Techie geeks and iPod touch users have tested and proven this guide. So, what are you waiting for? Visit: How To Jailbreak Ipod Touch 3.1.3.

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