Jailbreak iPod Touch 3G – Installing Third Party Apps is Now Easy!

To jailbreak iPod Touch 3G and any like device is not legal in the United States. Both the United States Copyright Office and the Library of Congress have announced that jailbreaking is now very much legal since it won’t violate any copyright laws.

Jailbreaking, primarily, install third party applications (those that are not to be found in the iTunes App Store). This is, basically, a process which permits iPod Touch 3G to run these alien apps by simply unlocking the OS. The great news is, you still have access to App Store and even iTunes even after you have jailbroken your device.

Aside from thousands of apps, here are more advantages in jailbreaking your iPod:

•              You can download, not just from iTunes but, from any site that offers apps on the Internet. From just a handful of choices, now you literally have thousands to choose from!

•              Your iPod Touch will look boring or too generic if you don’t decide to have it jailbroken immediately. The generic black background is what you get along with the rest of the iPod Touch users all over the globe!

•              You can customize the springboard on your device so you don’t go about wondering where one icon really is. Your gadget can be very disorganized when your apps are all over the springboard. Fix this concern by simply jailbreaking your iPod Touch.

•              Backgrounding can finally be achieved. Apple has yet to release this feature so be one of the first few to enjoy it – only with a jailbroken device!

•              If you have access to different apps and themes, then you would also have thousands of choices when it comes to games, songs, and movies!

•              Even a messed up device can still be restored to its original settings so don’t worry about voiding your iPod Touch’s warranty.

Basic tutorial on jailbreaking your iPod Touch 3G:

•              First, begin by downloading the needed software for both Mac and Windows.

•              Now, download the latest version of iTunes (9.2)

•              Download also the iOS 4 firmware ipsw.

•              Now it’s time to launch the software and then select your device from the choices.

•              Browse and then select the ipsw firmware that you just downloaded.

•              You will then be asked if you would want to proceed with the jailbreaking process and the promptings will follow.

•              The software should build a custom ipsw for your iPod Touch 3G.

•              You should see the following message on your screen – iHaz Success.

•              Just go to iTunes and then plug your iPod Touch 3G to the PC.

•              Hold down the Shift button (for Windows users) and the Alt button (for Mac users).

•              Click the Restore button then browse and select the recently created ipsw.

•              After this installation, your iPod will restart and once it ups, you should have a fully jailbroken and unlocked device.

Who says that you have to remember all of these steps just to jailbreak your device? There is a better and much safer jailbreaking solution that can make your life a whole lot easier for you:

You don’t need to scour the Internet for the best jailbreaking solution because this software will take care of this task for you. You don’t have to have computer or any other technological know-how just to jailbreak your device. Now, just download, install, follow simple instructions and then enjoy! And the greater news is, this software is compatible to both Mac and Windows users!

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Now you don’t have to wait for days or weeks for your iPod to be jailbroken. And you don’t have to pay exorbitant technician fees just to enjoy thousands of apps. No matter what model your iPod device is, this jailbreaking solution is sure to free it from manufacturer’s restrictions in just a few minutes! Visit: How To Jailbreak iPod Touch 3G

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