Ways To Jailbreak Your Ipod – Efficiently And Effectively

Are you trying to find the best methods to Jailbreak Ipod Touch 4.0?  If you are, then you might want to give this article a try.  In here, I will provide you with insights as to how you can actually benefit from jailbreaking your Ipod, as well as the most excellent methods of doing it.  So, read on and find out for yourself.

What Is Jailbreak And What Do You Get Out Of It?

The Ipod is considered by many to be one of the most sought-after devices in the world today.  And this is not really surprising, considering the fact that this handy gadget is more than just a music player.  It has loads of other features which makes it the good investment that it is today.

However, it is a fact that conventional Ipods, despite their excellent features, are oftentimes, limited because of the restrictions set by the Ipod’s creator – Apple.  This means that despite the availability of the coolest apps for your device, downloading is found quite difficult or sometimes impossible.

Fortunately, these Apple-restrictions can be easily lifted through a simple process called jailbreaking.  For added information, jailbreaking is actually an operation which hacks into the IOS of your Ipod, which will then allow you break open all the restrictions set by Apple, thereby resulting to more choice of applications for you and loads of other benefits.

Here are some of the other benefits which jailbreaking your Ipod can bring:

More Music

Remember that the Ipod is primarily a music player.  By jailbreaking your device, you will have access to a wider array of albums, musicians and songs that you can choose from – and you can have them for free!  This is because although the Apple store may have a wide selection of music to choose from, some may not be as affordable as you want them to be.  However, if you jailbreak your device – this need not be a problem at all.


By jailbreaking your device, you will be able to change how your device will look to make it more endearing, aesthetically speaking.  You will be able to change how your springboard looks, the sounds that your device makes, your desktop and a host of other apps that will make your device have that personal flair that you want.

More Apps

By jailbreaking your device, you will be able to download all the apps and programs that you want – whether one may be Apple-licensed or not.  Take note that there are numerous unlicensed apps that are quite cool to have.  Hence, if you want to get hold of them – then you must jailbreak your Ipod.

Jailbreak Ipod Touch 4.0 – Step By Step

Step 1 – Create a destination folder on your desktop where you will place the jailbreaking software and the firmware file that you will use to perform the jailbreak process.  Download the said files and then extract the jailbreaking software after.

Step 2 – Plug your device into your PC and then launch the ITunes program.  Afterwards, select your Ipod from the list of devices that will appear.  Click “Restore”.  You then go to the folder that you created and select the firmware file that you downloaded earlier as well.  This will update your Ipod to the version that you desire.

Step 3 – After your device is updated, go to desktop and launch the jailbreaking software that you downloaded from the folder that you created.

Step 4 – Wait as the software prepares its jailbreak data.  Afterwards, select on the jailbreak options that you would like to use for your Ipod.  Make sure that you choose “Install Cydia”.  Click “Next” after.

Step 5 – Get your device into DFU mode.  After doing this, your device will automatically reboot.

Step 6 – After the reboot, the software will notify you that the jailbreak is complete.  Once this happens, then congrats – you have now successfully jailbroken your device!

Jailbreak Ipod Touch 4.0 – Do It Through A Computer Software

Now, if you are planning on jailbreaking your Ipod, but want the most effective way to do so – then I suggest that you do it through a computer software. Why? This is because in this method the procedures will be more convenient, more affordable and will be a lot simpler.

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Through the use of a computer software, jailbreaking will certainly be a lot easier for you.

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